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The Vintage Window Blog

the vintage window blog

The Antiques Road Trip Experience

May 13

So we took the plunge and opened our own vintage and antique business. Then within a month we were stood with a camera in Fays face as the BBC filmed in our small shop.  The legend Paul Laidlaw scoured around our nooks and crannies searching for items to make a profit on at auction. Then you wait. You wait and wait and wait and one day! You get a phone call to confirm your episode is on TV next week.

The next day once you open, we get an odd email inquiry about items which someone has seen on TV filmed months ago which we probably have sold already. The numerous jokers who ask for a “discount if they bring a film crew into the shop.” Some people are disgusted that the expert asked for a discount, There are browsers who didn’t know that our shop existed before they watched the latest episode. Then there are others in the trade who adamantly insist they would never allow a film crew in their business (although luckily for them they have never have been asked). Then it’s all over until the repeat is shown on some obscure channel on a Sunday afternoon two and a half years later.

In truth the exposure we get from programs like Antiques road trip, or one of the many others which have been a popular stalwart of day time TV over the past 20 years are good for the industry. They tend t be interesting and informative to watch. The 5 minutes of fame you receive would cost an absolute fortune for prime time advertising. This most definitely could not be afforded by most of the dealers who operate on a daily basis. So that cheeky discount asked for by the expert easily pays for itself!

During our experience during the two times we have appeared on the show everything has been positive. The deals are real and not pre-recorded or agreed off camera. The transaction is genuine. The only catch being if you don’t sell anything you won’t appear on the show.  In our experience during both appearances the experts have been very fair. Also on a nearly daily basis we are challenged with greater “what’s your best price?”  opportunists through our door. The crew and experts are usually tired from the long days filming and travel. While we have been full of nervous energy for a couple of days trying to get the shop looking at its best and waiting for their arrival all day. We had to shut our doors while the filming takes place as our shop is quite small but that is by no means a requirement of the BBC. There are a lot of retakes and different angles filmed. Close ups of objects and a little banter which takes around 3 hours to film, all heavily edited into a very impressive 5 minutes.  You don’t get to know where the items are going to be sold or when or even how much they sell for. So for us when watching the finished article is always quite intriguing.

It’s a good experience and in both appearances with first Paul Laidlaw and our second appearance on celebrity antiques road trip with Sam Nixon and expert Natasha Raskin Sharp has been a worthwhile and pleasurable honor and a great TV show to take part in.